Watching movies is a favorite pastime for many, but it can quickly become costly if you are paying to download to your device. Finding a way to download movies for free on your Android can be difficult without the proper directions. This convenient guide will teach you how to download free movies on Android so you can watch them whenever you want, right on your device.

How to Download Free Movies on Android in 11 Easy Steps

Downloading movies to watch on your Android device is a simple process. There are a variety of applications that will allow you to complete this function. Use the following instructions to download movies for free using an application:

1. Tap the gear icon to launch Settings.
2. Select Security or Lock screen and security depending on your Android device.
3. Tap to turn on Unknown sources. Once this option is on, you can skip these steps.
4. Press the Home key to exit.
5. Tap the Play Store icon to launch Google Play.
6. Search Download free movies.
7. Select a free movie application like Download Movies App or BitTorrent – Torrent Downloads and click Install.
8. Launch the application once it is done downloading.
9. Search for the movie you want to download or browse through available titles.
10. Tap to select the movie you want to download.
11. Select the download option or follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Download Free Movies on Android from Google Play in 7 Easy Steps

You can also occasionally locate some free movies available for download from Google Play. This method will restrict you to only these limited titles. Use the following instructions to download free movies from Google Play:

1. Launch the Play Store app or visit Google Play online.
2. Search Free Movies.
3. Choose See move in the Movies & TV section.
4. Browse the available titles.
5. Tap or click the movie you want to download.
6. Select Free and then choose the download type.
7. Choose Watch to view the movie now or Close to view it later from your library.

With these instructions, you can download free movies and enjoy watching them from your Android device quickly and easily. Visit Google Play to get started. If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to tell us how it went for you, please use the comments section below.

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