Force quit on Mac is done to close applications that are not responding, or unresponsive. Additionally, Force Quit on Mac OS X can also be implemented when problematic programs have stopped working properly, causing the computer to freeze. This article guide will demonstrate five ways on how to force quit on Mac apps.

How to shut down an application on Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts

You can choose to close an app usually by pressing Command + Q key simultaneously and choose from the app menu the application to Quit. If this doesn’t work, you can opt to follow these three easy steps:
1. Hold down Command-Option-Escape keys simultaneously.
2. From the popup menu, select the app that you want to force quit. A “Not Responding” message typically appears next to it in the app menu when an application has crashed.
3. Click the “Force Quit” button to immediately end the unresponsive program.
To force quit your current unresponsive window, press the following keys simultaneously for three seconds: Command + Option + Shift + Escape

How to shut down an application on Mac using Menu Bar

You can also force quit an application on a mac using the Apple Menu. The steps below demonstrate how you can shut down an application using the Apple Menu bar:
1. Press and hold the Shift key.
2. Click the Apple logo found on the top left of your display.
3. Select “Force Quit Finder” to open Force Quit Applications window.
4. Select the app that you want to end its operations forcefully.
5. Click the button that reads “Force Quit.”

How to end an unresponsive app on Mac from Dock

The Dock Contextual Menu is another simple way that can be used to shut down unresponsive programs. The following instructions demonstrate how to end an application from the Dock:
1. Press the Alt key
2. In the Dock, right click the app’s icon. If you lack a mouse, you can as well press Ctrl key, and click to open the right-click menu.
3. Select Quit. This will close the selected application in the Dock.

How to shut down an app on Mac using Terminal Commands

This method that can also be used to Force Quit an application on Mac. The following steps illustrate how to end programs using the Terminal Application on Mac:
1. Open the Terminal App. To access the app, open the Applications folder and locate Utilities then click on Terminal
2. Type “top”, and note the process id or the process name of the application you wish to force quit.
3. Type killall [process_name] or kill -9 [process_id] to force quit an application.

Note that with Force Quit you are not warned against intentions, and changes to an unsaved work may get lost. In addition to the methods just mentioned above, there are other ways which can be used to force quit apps running on a Mac, for instance using an Activity Monitor, or complete system shut-down.

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