How to Do a Google Reverse Image Search on Smartphone

reverse google image search in chrome

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Google is so ubiquitous it has become a verb. The search engine is enormously popular for many reasons that make it stand out from other search engines. One of these is Google reverse image search. This feature is easy to use on a computer, but it can also be done easily on iPhone and Android smartphones.

How to do a Google Reverse Image Search on a Smartphone in 4 Easy Steps

When you want to see other locations a photo has been used or find similar images, you don’t need to use a desktop. Here’s how to do it on your smartphone:
1. Open the Chrome browser app. This is currently the only app that will let you use this feature on a smartphone. If you don’t use the Chrome app on your phone, you will need to use a computer to do a reverse image search.
2. Find the image you want to search for. Only images you can find using Chrome will work. If you want to search for an image from another app like Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have to open the corresponding website on the Chrome app. Reverse image search won’t work from these apps.
3. Click on the image. This will open a larger version of the picture.
4. Press and hold the image, then select Search Google for this image in the box that appears. Your image search results will appear.
When you want to search Google for an image, you don’t have to use your computer. As long as you have the Chrome app on your smartphone, it’s easy to do a Google reverse image search right from your phone. If you don’t use Chrome on your phone or you want to do a reverse image search on an image from another app, you can alternately take a screenshot of the image. You can then upload that image to Google image search on your computer.

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