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10 Best Detachable Laptop Options in 2017

A detachable laptop offers users a remarkable combination of the portability of a tablet with the wide variety of functions of a laptop. Although it doesn’t offer the best of both worlds, this type of device is perfect for casual users who want a tablet’s accessibility with a laptop’s functions. It’s important to know that detachable laptops are a […]

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Top 5 Gaming Laptops Under 500 in 2016

If you are a gamer interested in buying a new budget laptop for your hobby, then our suggestions for the best gaming laptops under 500 dollars, are sure to help you make a decision. Any laptop on our list can help you try out the more recent games or just provide a better fps in […]

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6 Best Inexpensive Tablet Options in 2016

Companies have a greater variety of tablet models than ever before. Their prices vary depending on their specs, storage capacity, screen size, quality of materials, and their brand. All the following tablets are under $200 and we will provide an overview of the specs, unique features, pros and cons of each device. Our suggestions for the best […]

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MSI laptops list

The Best MSI Laptops for Gaming and Personal Use

While most gamers usually go for desktop computers, since they are more easily customizable, many also prefer to do their gaming on the go. And, in those cases, a desktop just won’t do it. So, the most logical solution to that issue is for them to get laptops. However, laptops aren’t usually made for gaming […]

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Macbook Pro docking station henge docks

Best Macbook Pro Docking Station Reviews

The concept of docking stations can sound pretty strange to desktop or other non-laptop users. However, sometimes, a docking station can be a breath of fresh air in the middle of a drought of poor connectivity. And some of the people suffering the most from a lack of connectivity are Apple users. Let’s take a […]

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The Best Laptops for College Students on a Budget

Thanks to the recent advances we have been making in the world of technology, we are greeted with new devices and hardware every single day. This has brought the price of technology to a recent all-time low, as everyday quality products are seen as obsolete. This is a great opportunity to help you get some […]

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