How to Delete Picasa Photos

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If you have awkward or unnecessary Picasa photos that you no longer want, you may need to delete them. Since Picasa was merged with Google Photos, you will need to use your Google Photos account. The cloud-based nature of this service makes it difficult to fully delete photos, but you can use the steps in this article to learn how to delete Picasa photos.

How to Delete Picasa Photos on a Computer in 11 Easy Steps

Picasa images are now on Google Photos, so you can delete them by following the instructions for deleting Google photos.

  1. Type the Google Photos website address into a web browser to go to Google photos.
  2. Scroll through the photos until you find the ones you would like to delete. Google arranges photos chronologically, so you may need to go to the oldest images to find Picasa items.
  3. Hover your mouse over the top left corner of one of the photos you would like to delete.
  4. Click the checkmark that will appear.Google photos select photos
  5. Select all other pictures that you would like to delete.
  6. Click the trashcan in the upper righthand corner of the webpage.Google photos trash button
  7. Choose the “Move to Trash” option to delete the image.Google photos move to trash
  8. Select the three horizontal bars in the upper lefthand corner of the web page if you want to also delete your Picasa photos from the trash.Google photos bars menu
  9. Click the “Trash” button.Google photos trash
  10. Choose the “Empty Trash” option.Google photos empty trash
  11. Click “Delete” to finish thoroughly deleting your Picasa photos.Google photos empty trash pop up

How to Delete Picasa Photos on a Mobile in 10 Easy Steps

As long as you have the Google Photos app on your phone, you can also delete Picasa photos from a phone.

  1. Tap the pinwheel icon to open the Photos app.
  2. Click the “Albums” option at the bottom of the page and go to the album of Picasa images.
  3. Press and hold an image you would like to delete to select it.
  4. Tap all other desired images you would like to delete.
  5. Click the trashcan icon at the top of your phone screen.
  6. Select the “Move to Trash” option.
  7. Go back to the main page of the Google Photos app and select the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner.
  8. Tap the “Trash” icon.
  9. Click the three dots in the upper righthand corner to open a list of options.
  10. Choose the “Empty Trash” option to permanently delete Picasa images.

If you do not empty your trash, you can undelete the images any time in the next 60 days. After that, the Picasa photos will be gone for good. To learn more about how to delete Picasa photos, visit the Google Photos Help Center.

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