How to Use FaceTime on iOS Smartphones

facetime running on mac and iphone

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Apple includes the free FaceTime video chatting app on iOS smartphones as well as tablets, so you can easily communicate with someone via your iPhone or iPad. FaceTime lets you use the forward-facing camera on your iPhone so you can see people during chats as well as show them your environment when switching to the camera on the phone’s back.

How to Use FaceTime on iOS in 5 Easy Steps

Your iPhone must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular data network in order to make FaceTime calls. FaceTime requires an iPhone 4 or later to use Wi-Fi. If you want the option to use cellular data too, an iPhone 4S or later is needed.
The person you want to video chat with needs a similar iPhone model or an iPad tablet. The iPad 2 or later and all models of iPad mini will work over Wi-Fi. For cellular network access, the other person needs an iPad 3rd generation or later.
1. Tap the “FaceTime” icon to launch the app on your iOS smartphone.
2. Type in your Apple ID at the prompt. FaceTime will automatically register your phone number with Apple.
3. Type in the person’s email address or phone number in FaceTime and then tap the FaceTime video icon if you have never contacted the person before.
4. Tap the user’s phone number or email address from your Contacts if this information is already saved on your iPhone.
5. Tap the FaceTime icon during an ordinary voice call to switch to video chatting with another FaceTime user.

Add Another Option for People to Reach You via FaceTime

Not every person you wish to communicate with necessarily needs to know your phone number in order to participate in FaceTime video calls. You may prefer to release only your email address to certain individuals to guard your privacy.
With that in mind, you can register your email address with Apple as well if you would like an alternative way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues over FaceTime:
1. Press the “Home” button.
2. Tap “Settings”
3. Tap “FaceTime” and then select the “Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime” option and sign in.
FaceTime makes it easier than ever before to communicate with people. However, you may be unable to video chat if the other person doesn’t have the latest version of FaceTime or the iOS operating system. Check Apple’s FaceTime Help page for assistance and tell us about your experience in the comments!
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