How to Change iCloud Email

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Changing your iCloud email is a straightforward process, which you can accomplish on any Apple device. This process will allow you to control which account you receive emails from Apple on and which Apple ID is active on your device. The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through how to change iCloud email on your iPhone or other Apple device, and how to make updates to the emails associated with your Apple ID.

How to Change iCloud Email on iPhone or other Apple Devices in 8 Easy Steps

You can change the email in use on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device by logging in with a different Apple ID. Take the following steps to switch your iCloud email on your Apple device:
1. Click Settings and then select iCloud.
2. Select the Sign Out or Delete Account option.
3. Click the Sign Out or Delete from My iPhone option on the confirmation screen.
4. Enter the old account’s password in the Password box when prompted.
5. Choose either Keep on My iPhone to save your data or Delete from My iPhone to remove your data.
6. Enter the iCloud email account you want to use in the first box.
7. Type the password for that email in the second box.
8. Click the Sign In button.

How to Change iCloud Email associated with Apple ID in 9 Easy Steps

You can change the email address associated with your Apple ID by logging into the Apple ID system. This process will also allow you to add additional emails to an Apple ID if desired. Take the following steps to change the email associated with your Apple ID:
1. Navigate to the Apple ID homepage.
2. Enter your Apple ID into the Apple ID box.
3. Type your password into the Password box.
4. Check the Remember me checkbox if desired.
5. Press Enter or click the right arrow next to the Password box to sign in.
6. Click the blue Edit button.
7. Select the Name, ID and Email Addresses option.
8. Type your new email address into the Email Address box.
9. Click the blue Save Changes button.
With these instructions, you will be able to change the email on your iPhone or other devices easily. If you run into any issues, the Apple Support team will be able to assist you with their large variety of topics, frequently asked questions, and support communities. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below or simply share your experiences with the topic.

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