The concept of docking stations can sound pretty strange to desktop or other non-laptop users. However, sometimes, a docking station can be a breath of fresh air in the middle of a drought of poor connectivity. And some of the people suffering the most from a lack of connectivity are Apple users. Let’s take a look at our list and see if you can find the best MacBook Pro docking station for your needs.

Macbook Pro docking station

If you’re still confused in regards to what a docking station does, we’ll first make a quick overview. According to, here is what a docking station is:

“Alternatively referred to as a universal port replicator, a docking station is a hardware device that allows portable computers to connect with other devices with little or no effort. Docking stations enable users with a laptop computer to convert it into a desktop computer when at the office or at home. For example, a user could use their laptop on the road, and then back at the office they could connect the laptop to the docking station to use their monitor, speakers, and office printer.”

However, most docking stations are created differently for different gadgets. A Mac, for example, will have a totally different docking station than a Dell or an Asus. So, with just a little bit of further ado, let’s take a look at the five best MacBook Pro docking stations and see if we can help you decide on the one best suited to your needs.

We do need to mention, however, that this will not be a top list. We will just be describing five of the best docking station for MacBook Pro and hope one of them is right for you. The order in which we will describe the items will be no indication of their quality.

13-inch Vertical Docking Station for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display – Henge Docks

henge docks vertical docking

Product Description: Going for around $135 on Amazon, this vertical MacBook Pro docking station is for devices measuring 13 inches. Made out of metal and benefitting from Retina Display, Henge Docks’ docking could very well be one of the best docking station for MacBook Pro on this list.

With a very sleek, modern design, this Apple MacBook Pro docking station goes for a very minimalistic look, hiding all cables and making for a very easy setup. Despite being launched in 2014, this is still one of the most advanced and modern-looking docking stations you can get for your device.

Pros: Has dual monitor support, offers great sound quality, allows Thunderbolt connectivity, very small and lightweight, surprisingly sturdy.

Cons: Kind of old, little to no support, cables sometimes don’t line up, may damage ports.

Express 15-inch Secure Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display – LandingZone

landingzone docking station

Product Description: First released in 2012, this LandingZone MacBook Pro Express docking station goes for around $100 on Amazon. Available for MacBook Pro devices of around 15 inches, the A1398 model only really sacrifices looks for quality. Pretty simplistic, the LandingZone docking station offers increased connectivity and quality for a very decent price.

Other than a flimsy handle on the back side of the MacBook Pro docking station, the gadget is pretty sturdy, and other than a light that can get a bit bothersome at times, there really aren’t that many complaints in regards to this piece of technology.

Pros: Small and light, yet sturdy, built-in HDMI port, supports Thunderbolt, Security Slot feature locks your MacBook to the station, leaves plenty of ports accessible, supports dual displays.

Cons: Blinking light can be annoying, handle on the back side seems fragile, pretty old.

15-inch Vertical Docking Station for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display – Henge Docks

henge docks vertical docking

Product Description: It’s not just the size of this MacBook Pro docking station that is different from the 13-inch version. Instead, with the product coming out a year after the previous Henge Docks entry on this list, the company had time to work on some of the most commonly reported flaws. Going for around $165 on Amazon, this product can be seen as an exercise in compromise.

Despite managing to fix most of the flaws their previous item had, Henge Docks created an item that could have been the best MacBook Pro docking station on this list, had it not been overcome with more minor, yet annoying flaws. Where some of the flaws of the previous Henge Docks docking station could have damaged your device, these ones just… irk you.

Pros: Very aesthetically pleasant design, strong, sturdy frame, increased stability, requires minimal setup, brilliant sound quality, supports Thunderbolt, ships with extension cables.

Cons: Pretty heavy, cables occasionally have to be individually plugged in, sometimes has to be wiggled for the cables to settle in.

15-inch Secure Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display – LandingZone

landingzone docking station

Product Description: Going for around $200 on Amazon, the regular LandingZone MacBook Pro docking station is better than the Express version. Despite the fact that it came out in 2013, a year before the Express version, this version has great connectivity potential, transforming your MacBook into a true hub. IT might just very well be the best MacBook Pro docking station on this list.

While most docking stations claim to turn your laptop device into a desktop, they rarely fail to do so to the extent of their claims. This one, however, really accomplishes what it sets out to do. Despite a number of flaws, this MacBook Pro retina docking station truly is a center of connectivity.

Pros: Incredibly wide array of entries and ports, very stylish design, supports dual displays, including Thunderbolt, locks your laptop into the station, great internet connectivity.

Cons: Occasionally requires rearranged cables, likely to constitute line-up issues under certain setups.

15-Inch MacBook Pro Docking Station – Bookendz

bookendz docking station

Product Description: This entry is a tough one. The company, Bookendz, stopped making their products, as they were falling behind on the constant advent of technology. However, for as long as they were in business, the company made some of the best tech gadgets out there. While not precisely the best docking station for MacBook Pro, this one is certainly a contender for the title.

Interestingly, while the Bookendz docking stations are no longer being made, there are several still for sale from different sources around the internet. They can be found for about $60 on Amazon, and are very effective despite their simplistic look.

Pros: Small, stylish, and elegant, offers more ports and entries than the MacBook’s, very easily transportable, does not require disconnection when moved.

Cons: Does not supply computer with power, pretty hard to track down, small number of ports.

According to several sources, namely our team and a number of internet reviews, these are the best results you could hope for when looking for a highly functional and aesthetic MacBook Pro docking station. We hope this review list was of service in helping you pick the one best for your needs. Until next time, browse safely!

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