How to Find Your Netflix Viewing History

netflix viewing history for netflix service

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netflix viewing history for netflix service
Have you ever watched a really great, obscure movie on Netflix, and then forgotten the title, and now you have no idea how to find it again? Perhaps you want to go back and watch it a second time. Or maybe a conversation sparked a memory of the movie, and you wanted to recommend watching it to someone. This is where Netflix viewing history comes into play.

Unless you saved it to your list, and it’s currently available for streaming, you won’t be able to find it on your Netflix account. Unless you go view your streaming history. But how do you do that?

How to Find Your Netflix Viewing History

It’s easy to view your Netflix viewing history. A few simple steps, a couple of clicks, and you’re there.

1. Log in to your Netflix account on your web browser. If you try logging in with the app, Netflix will automatically take you to a browser, so knock out a step by starting in the browser yourself.

2. Find your profile and click on your user icon. This is especially important for households with multiple accounts.

3. Next, go to your activity page on your profile. You can find this by clicking on “Account” in the drop-down menu under your icon.

4. Now, scroll down the list of options on your account page, and you’ll see the option for “Viewing Activity.” This will pull up everything you’ve ever watched on your Netflix account.

If you watch a lot of Netflix, you could be scrolling for a while if you’re looking for an old viewing activity (like a movie six months ago). But keep scrolling if it’s important to you. It’s there.

I reviewed my own profile while writing this tutorial and found my viewing history dating back to August 2013, when I first started my profile on a shared account. If I watched it, it’s listed. Well, except a couple that I just deleted.

How to Adjust Your Netflix Viewing Suggestions

If you’re like me and occasionally start watching a show that’s terrible, you’ll notice that you start getting flooded with suggestions for other things that also look terrible. A single viewing mistake doesn’t have to alter the course of your viewing suggestion history, though.

You can go to your Netflix account and delete those bad choices with a single click, and set the streaming world right again.

How to Delete Your Netflix Streaming History

Whether you need to delete because you don’t want anybody else knowing you watched the Power Ranger’s movie twelve times in the last three years, or you want to knock that show that you absolutely despise off your list, deleting your playlist can be tremendously helpful.

Quick, and easy, the function is great for everybody, but won’t let kids delete their viewing history on their accounts. We’d highly recommend setting up profiles for the kids for that reason.

It can help you make sure they’re watching shows appropriate for their ages but also helps you know the kinds of things they like, and topics you may need or even want to talk over with them.

1. Once you’re logged into your account and on your viewing history page, look for the “x” on the far-right of the listing of a particular viewed item.

2. Click the “x” on anything you’d like to remove from your watch history.

3. When you click the “x” a message will appear telling you that within 24 hours, that activity will be wiped from all your devices on which you watch Netflix.

Additional Tips for Adjusting Your Viewing Preferences

Rate movies and television shows you watch. This will have a huge influence on your viewing suggestions from Netflix. The more you rate what you watch, the better your viewing suggestions will become.

  • Give a thumbs-up to everything you’re watching currently and love, or a thumbs-down if you’re not enjoying it.
  • Search for movies and television you’ve watched in the past and loved. Rate these with a thumbs-up to get Netflix to bring up more like them.
  • Mark television shows and films as “not interested” or with a thumbs-down if it’s something you either have hated or know is not of interest based on the description.
  • Be patient. It will probably take about 24 hours for your new preferences to adjust. Netflix will get there, though.

Changing Your Netflix Viewing History: It’s Easy and Quick

As you log in to your Netflix account, remember to be in your profile before you go to the account page. Look for your viewing history and click the “x” on anything you’d like to eliminate.

Simple, easy, and doable. Just don’t spend all day looking through the long list of everything you’ve ever watched online. Unless you’re on a sick day and bored out of your skull – then, have at it.

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