how to access verizon cloud verizon cloud login

How to Access Verizon Cloud – Verizon Cloud Login

The Verizon Cloud is a service that provides quick access to a large amount of storage for Verizon customers. Accessing your Verizon Cloud will allow you to view and manage your stored data, including all your pictures, videos, contacts, and more. If you are wondering how to access Verizon Cloud, this guide will walk you […]

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Planet Fitness Gym

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Enrolling for a Planet Fitness membership, or transferring your membership is quite easy to do. It is also quite easy to upgrade or downgrade your current Planet Fitness plan. However, if none of these options suit your needs, you may want to consider canceling your Planet Fitness membership altogether.  In this guide, we will explain […]

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GrooveMp3 homepage unblocked music sites

13 Best Unblocked Music Sites

If you find yourself in a strict work environment like schools, companies and even colleges then you know that the access to various sites is restricted on the local network or Wi-Fi. Though we wouldn’t encourage you to avoid the institution’s regulations, we understand that some find it easier to work while listening to music. […]

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Block Websites on Chrome

How to Block Websites on Chrome

If you’ve ever encountered a website you didn’t want to visit again, it may a good idea to consider blocking that website. It’s also a good idea to block websites if you have children since certain websites might not be appropriate for them. Whatever your reasons, blocking a website is not difficult at all, especially if […]

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how to cancel netflix

How to Cancel Netflix Account

Canceling a Netflix account is not much more complicated than creating one in the first place. In this guide, we will be looking at how to cancel Netflix account from your computer or a mobile device.  Whether you are still in the Netflix trial period, or you have an older account, you can use the […]

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How to Disable Pop Up Blocker

How to Disable Pop Up Blocker on Multiple Platforms

Pop up blockers are a must in most cases, but there are certain websites that don’t work if you have a pop up blocker enabled. If you have a blocker extension installed, it will be turned on by default. So, you’ll need to turn it off yourself manually. To turn off pop up blocker, you need […]

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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial

How to Cancel Amazon Prime

One of the most widely used membership-based services around the world, Amazon Prime offers what is perhaps one of the most comprehensive lists of features, such as free shipping, cloud storage, and video streaming. However, if you feel like you are not taking full advantage of your Amazon Prime subscription, you may want to cancel Amazon Prime. […]

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spotify log in page

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

If you are no longer interested in paying for Spotify Premium but don’t want to delete your Spotify account permanently, you can simply cancel Spotify premium. In this article, we will show you how to cancel Spotify Premium. By canceling your Spotify Premium subscription, you will still have access to your Spotify account and a limited […]

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clear cache Chrome

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

Chrome is an immensely popular browser option and for good reason. It comes with all sorts of useful additions, and extensions. It’s also widely compatible with tons of devices and software. However, for all its versatility, Chrome does tend to become somewhat sluggish in time. One way to improve this browser’s performance is by clearing […]

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How to Change Netflix Password

How to Change Netflix Password

Netflix is now dominating the internet entertainment scene. Netflix original series are better than ever, and having a Netflix account has become an absolute must. To create a Netflix account, you’ll need to set up a Netflix password, to keep your account secure.  If you feel your password is no longer safe, it’s a good […]

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