How to Find What Song Is This

shazam for ios or android

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Have you ever found yourself listening to a song and wondered, “What song is this?” Or maybe you’re remembering a song’s lyrics and can’t quite remember the name of the song? Thanks to modern technology, it’s easy to figure out from small snippets. This guide will explain how to find what song is this in just a few short steps.

How to Find What Song Is This on Mobile in 4 Easy Steps

If the song you want to find is playing, there’s a mobile app called Shazam that can identify it after listening for a few seconds. (If you already have Shazam, start with step 3.)
1. Open the App store for iOS or Play Stora for Android and search for Shazam.
2. Download the free app onto your device.
3. Open Shazam on your device by tapping the icon.
4. Once Shazam is open, tap “Tag Now” and hold your device close to the speaker.
Within just a few seconds, Shazam should recognize the song and give you the title and artist, and possibly some additional details. You can easily buy the song or find more information about it using searches with the title and/or artist.
There are some apps and websites similar to Shazam that let you hum or sing the tune of a song to find it, but none are as reliable as Shazam. If you need this type of service, look up Musipedia or Midomi on your PC, or search the app store for Soundhound.

How to Find What Song Is This on Computer in 3 Easy Steps

This is the only other method as reliable as Shazam. It is possible to find a song using even a fraction of its lyrics from any device with access to a search engine.
1. Open a search engine – Google is the most reliable.
2. Type “song lyrics (what you remember)” into the search box.
3. Check the pages returned to find the song. Google will sometimes provide the correct song and its full lyrics above the results.
You won’t always have to finish typing your fragment because search suggestions will appear and autocomplete your query. These suggestions can also correct mistakes and get the right song even if you have the lyrics wrong.
Now you’ll never be stuck wondering, “What song is this?” By using Shazam or any search engine you can quickly find a tune that is playing in a store or in a bar. Comment to let us know if it worked!

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