Enrolling for a Planet Fitness membership, or transferring your membership is quite easy to do. It is also quite easy to upgrade or downgrade your current Planet Fitness plan. However, if none of these options suit your needs, you may want to consider canceling your Planet Fitness membership altogether. In this guide, we will explain how to cancel Planet Fitness membership in two ways. We will also look at the Planet Fitness membership cancellation fees, and in which cases you might not have to pay the Planet Fitness cancellation fee.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in Person

To cancel Planet Fitness membership in person, you will need to do the following things:

  1. Go to your Planet Fitness club.
  2. Go to the front desk and request a Planet Fitness membership cancellation form.
  3. Fill in the form with all the necessary information
  4. Hand in the form at the front desk
  5. Make sure you are no longer being billed for your Planet Fitness membership

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership through a Certified Letter

If you’d rather avoid stepping into the gym again you can send the company a certified letter with your request. To learn how to cancel Planet Fitness membership through the mail follow these simple instructions:

  1. Buy the postage required for certified mail.
  2. Write a letter requesting the cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership.
  3. Mention the reason for canceling.
  4. Include the relevant personal information: full name, membership ID number, address, email, date of birth. Be sure to include your full name and Planet Fitness membership ID number both in the first paragraph of the letter and at the end
  5. Send the certified letter to your Planet Fitness gym.
  6. Check your billing and see if the payments have stopped. To be safe, contact your local Planet Fitness customer service department to double check if they received your Planet Fitness membership cancellation letter.

This how to cancel Planet Fitness membership. You cannot cancel your membership online, via email or by phone.

Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee

If you have a 12-month membership, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. You should consult your contract, or speak with your local Planet Fitness club customer service representative for the exact sum you will have to pay if you decide to cancel your membership early.

However, you only have to pay the cancellation fee if you want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership before the 12 months have elapsed. If your contract has ended, you will not have to pay a fee.

There are additional reasons why you can request to have your Planet Fitness membership cancellation fee waived.

Waiving Planet Fitness Cancellation Fees

  1. In the case of an injury: you can ask your doctor for a note confirming that you aren’t able to go to the gym because of psychical injury or an affliction.
  2. In the case of moving: you can map out your new location and prove that no Planet Fitness gyms are within a 25 miles range of your new home. If there is a gym nearby, then the company will prefer to transfer memberships.


Using our simple guide, you learned how to cancel Planet Fitness membership. You can avoid any cancellation fees by providing proof of injury or moving to a new location. Just make sure to include it in your documentation and deliver it either as a certified letter or in person. You can also browse through the company’s FAQ section for further explanations on billing, cancellation, and costs.

If you need further information regarding the Planet Fitness cancellation policy that applies to your membership, you can read it online, on your Planet Fitness account. The account can be accessed at www.myiclubonline.com/iclub/members