Terms of Use

1. Introduction

The use of our website at TechnologyDreamer.com and the subpages linked is subject to the Terms of Use established henceforth and to the Privacy Policy page. Through the use of our domain, users choose of their own will to comply will all international, federal, state, or local laws, acts, regulations, ordinances, and statues. Throughout the next part, the appellative “you” will be used to refer to the general reader of Technology Dreamer, irrespective of the location from which our website is accessed.

2. Terms

The first thing to note is that each and every separate user that registers with our website agrees to provide their name and email, to be used for acquiring commenting rights on our articles. The specific info provided by a user can be changed at any time if the user wants to. Furthermore, the decision to grant us personal info means that you understand such info will be handled solely based on our Privacy Policy and thus will be handled with respect. Based on this policy, users accessing TechnologyDreamer are rigorously prohibited from collecting personal information pertaining to other users of this website. Use of TechnologyDreamer.com is only permitted to those over the age of majority in their place of residence.
By using this domain, you are to abide by all laws, acts, regulations, as well as amendments that are present in their PPoR (principal place of residence). No abuses shall be tolerated.
Hacking TechnologyDreamer.com is prohibited. All criminal activities committed with the intent to disrupt interfere in a detrimental way, or damage this page and its subpages, either openly or through subterfuge, are strictly prohibited. As we insist on respecting user data, we strictly forbid any and all users from tampering with personal information on this website. If caught, the user will face justice according to the laws of their PPoR.
Any and all damage to hardware, software, and/or telecommunications equipment is duly forbidden.
By accessing and using TechnologyDreamer.com, users shall agree that they are permitted to give links to our website (any page) from their own page only if such a link does not provide any form of competition with our own web domain, isn’t damaging our reputation, belittling the writers, editors, or staff of our website either through hate-speech, malicious content, destructive criticism, or injuring and offending our users in any way. All rules of intellectual property and the laws that govern it do apply to this website. Any link found redirecting to TechnologyDreamer.com is not an endorsement of that page by us. Be careful when linking to one of our articles. From time to time, we may choose to restrict or prohibit linking to or the quoting of our articles. Furthermore, you are duly prohibited from stating or implying an affiliation by us when this is not the case. Users accessing this website are responsible for all information that they may obtain from here. Any damage to a computer as a result of downloads is their responsibility.
Also prohibited are the copying, altering, selling, distributing, publishing, reproducing, public displays, rehashing for other articles, exploiting, information, statistic, or content gathering for promotional, marketing, or any other commercial interests. Our terms of use dictate that we shall respect any and all copyrights – therefore, all that may constitute a breach of copyright will be treated with utmost seriousness and reprimanded. All current laws apply for this and we shall consider any new regulations that come up over time. Any and all actions that may violate, infringe upon, or injure other people’s copyrights to intellectual property, our articles, our content, or the content of third parties are forbidden.
Content from this website can, upon request, be used for academic and other research purposes. However, this agreement does not give users the right to use said content in a commercial way. By using TechnologyDreamer.com, you agree to not harass the staff or the users of this website.
That being said, you are henceforth to agree that you will notify Technology Dreamer of any improper use of the website and/or security breaches. After contacting us, you also agree that you shall fully cooperate with us in the case when such events occur. This will allow us to- investigate the matter further and take action. Not cooperating with our team is considered a breach of the present Terms and Conditions.

3. Conditions

Our team of editors at TechnologyDreamer.com reserves exclusive rights to change this agreement in the future. All changes will be accompanied by a date change on this post along with a changelog and a notification which we’ll be sending to all the users of Technology Dreamer, especially when the changes that we implement will greatly affect the usage of this website. Through the continued use of this website, you guarantee that you have read and agreed to the present terms and conditions.
Furthermore, we hold the exclusive rights to remove content, parts of the articles that we post, or any other element present on this website, at any moment, permanently, temporarily, for any reason, and without any prior warning. We shall not, therefore, be held liable on account of the loss of information on this website, its suspension, or its termination. We shall not be held responsible for deleting content provided to us by you.
On TechnologyDreamer.com, any comment posted by our users is their sole responsibility. We shall endeavor to check all comments, but may not always do so. Therefore, we do not encourage, endorse, agree with, or pretend to support any opinions present in the comments sections of our articles.
All submissions to TechnologyDreamer.com are to be treated as confidential no matter whom may request personal data about our users. We value our visitors’ privacy and thus guarantee that we shall not ever provide anyone with their information, except within the Patriot Act of 2001. We are not required to provide compensation nor consideration to users for their comments, and shall not be held liable for derivative materials, works, adaptations, reproductions, publications, displays, or any licensing and exploitation of ideas, content submissions, disclosures, translations, distributions, compilations, modifications, recompilations, sales, copies, archives, or any tangible or intangible similarities in subject to any user submission, either fully or partially.
Furthermore, we shall be henceforth allowed to refuse, suspend, as well as terminate a user’s access to the website at any moment, for any reason we deem necessary, without any prior warning. We are also hereby allowed to change or re-establish the general limits, practices, and terms of use on this website.
As the lone administrators of the TechnologyDreamer.com website, we hold the exclusive rights to deliver communications to the users who have registered accounts, to make announcements, to schedule and to send newsletters, and to inform our users of anything we deem relevant to their interests.
In our articles, we will also from time to time feature external links in the bodies our reviews, articles, and guides. These links are to general sources, research links, and websites we consider to be of interest. This, however, doesn’t imply an endorsement of said website by us, nor that any form of business partnership exists between us and them. We shall not be subjective in our pick of sources, nor do we control the data present on these links. As such, we cannot make promises as to the availability or the lack of availability of said information. The content that appears on these resources and websites is the site administrators’ responsibility and we are not in any way responsible for it being inexact false, or if the specific resource that hosts it decides to take it offline. It is your responsibility to check these sources twice. This applies for any external link on this website that we choose to feature either as a reliable resource or as a reference to an image.
Lastly, we provide the current website to the readers as is and as available. This implies that while all of our sources are double checked and we make the effort to document our articles thoroughly, you shouldn’t fully rely on anything presented on TechnologyDreamer.com. We cannot guarantee that what you will find is 100% useful, complete, accurate, nor timeless. If you choose to rely on the info provided here, the responsibility falls on you. Technology Dreamer is not liable for any damage as a result of this. We thus renounce all conditions and warranties, including merchantability warranties, that are either express, statutory, or implied. We cannot guarantee the full functioning of this website or the security system on it. We shall not be held responsible for the reliability of the website, the timeliness of the articles and info on it, nor its performance. Any and all resources, services, goods, or pieces of information accessed via a link from us are the responsibility of their respective owners.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The users of this website are to understand that all content exposed here (on TechnologyDreamer.com) as well as other proprietary info, works, confidential info, service marks, trade secrets, trademarks, proprietary content, patents, and all other types of intellectual property applicable on this website, on the pages of the website, and on other parties’ web pages are governed by the copyright laws currently existent. Mentioning Technology Dreamer, the articles here, the content creators, the users, and the editors, is strictly prohibited, except for when such a permission may be granted under the current Terms of Use. You are allowed to use content from us for personal purposes, for papers in academia and for research. This does not allow you to credit yourself for our content available here. All rights except those expressly granted are hereby reserved. The only rights that you may have over the content posted here are expressly stated over the course of these terms.
Technology Dreamer is all about respecting intellectual property and would ask users to do the same. We thus often prohibit material that infringes, offends, and harms the rights of others, especially the copyright. If you consider that you have been damaged by a user of this website (staff or visitor), we will gladly cooperate with you. Leave us a message at [email protected] with all the details and we’ll get back to you.

5. Credits

Technology Dreamer is allowed to offer credits to promotional programs of us or of our associates in the online. For some of these, a minimum purchase requirement may apply.
However, users of this website are strictly prohibited from and shall be held accountable for any promotion of their brand, any advertisement or otherwise commercial message, or campaign. Assigning specific trademarks to the message does not change this.
Would you like to find out more about how carefully we deal with personal information? Visit us on our Privacy Policy page and don’t forget our email at [email protected].