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Welcome to the Technology Dreamer Privacy Policy page!

One of our paramount concerns here at Technology Dreamer is developing the trust of our visitors, readers, and tech amateurs everywhere. One of the ways by which we do this is through careful consideration of their privacy. According to the Data Protection Act of 1998, we are fully obliged to maintain the full protection of your personal as well as non-personal data. How do we do this? First of all, we work only on a need-to-know principle, meaning that we only ever ask for data which is necessary.

It is our goal here, ever since we start this adventure into the tech world, to treat everyone with the respect they deserve. The writers, editors, and general staff over at are fully devoted to your privacy and will stop at nothing to ensure that it’s taken care of. We understand that the moment in which you decide to give us your name, your email, and your opinions you are endowing us with a higher level of trust. That’s why we want to make every effort and take every preemptive measure to secure your data. The following Privacy Policy will explain how this works. For any comments, our email at info(@) is at your discretion.

1. Personal Information Collected

When a visitor of our website applies for account registration, when he or she wants to post a comment, subscribe to the newsletter, or leave us a message via our contact form, we are required to collect information about that specific user, be it personal or non-personal. As was said, the first thing that is required of users before they are allowed to comment is their name and email address. This is so that we can aptly respond to their requests in due time.

Note that information given by you to use will never be used for publicity nor for any advertising purposes. If the need arises, we will always ask the respective person for their permission to do so.

That being noted, the only reasons for which we may possibly use your information are:

  • To optimize user experience on our website through enhancing user experience based on data.
  • To update the UI of to better fit the specific needs of our readers.
  • To give answers to all of your questions, queries, or messages about everything related to us.
  • To provide frequent user-oriented updates with tech-related news, reviews, and guides.

2. IP and Browser Info; Cookies

For every computer that accesses our webpage at, we will be gathering information about the user’s specific type of browser, as well as the internet protocol address (IP) of the respective computer. This specific data will be gathered anonymously and will be placed on your computer, in your browser’s files known as cache, specifically cookies. What is a cookie? It represents your online passport, a way by which every website recognizes your machine and therefore you, the user. Cookies let us welcome you and make slight changes to the website accordingly. This process does not mean we are collecting any sort of personal information about you, but limit ourselves to information pertaining to the computer. By using cookies, we realize when you come online and therefore are able to interact with you in a meaningful way. To edit the settings of cookies stored in your browser’s files, you should enter your internet surfer’s general settings and search for the term.

3. Other Webpages

Any and all info that you find here or on any of our other pages (including our Disclaimer and our Terms and Conditions pages) applies only to and its subpages. In the product reviews that we feature, the how-to guides, the blog posts and news articles that you will find, it’s possible for us to include external links. It should be stated here that we don’t own nor do we have any form of control over these websites or the content posted on them. We are therefore not responsible for the data quoted, nor for their chosen privacy policy. We shall not be held liable for users experience on these sites. We encourage users to fully read and try to understand their privacy policies and terms of use before posting.

4. Privacy Policy Changes

The present privacy policy statement, applicable only to and the categories, subcategories, and pages inside is subject to change. We may update it as we see fit. All changes will, however, be displayed here along with the revision date, no matter how big or how small they are. The more drastic changes will be posted on our main page and will be advertised accordingly. In all honesty, changing this Privacy Policy is not our intention and we shall not do so unless we deem it absolutely necessary. Changes in the privacy laws of the US will be however duly noted by us and subsequently included here and thus implemented within our work ethics.

We shall always respect the information that our users provide us with, handling it in accordance with current laws that govern privacy policy.

5. Questions

Any unanswered questions? Leave us word of your problems at The article here is also subject to Technology Dreamer’s Terms of Use, which we advise users to read.