How to Unfriend on Facebook

How to Unfriend on Facebook

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A lot of people face the problem of having a bunch of old acquaintances they no longer speak to who are still listed as their friends on Facebook. If you end up needing to unfriend someone on Facebook, this article will be very helpful. We will show you how to unfriend on Facebook from all common types of devices.

How to Unfriend on Facebook on a Computer in 5 Easy Steps

Unfriending someone on Facebook is so simple that you can do it in less than a minute. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the official Facebook page and login to your account if needed.
  2. Find the profile page of the person you want to unfriend. You can do this by searching for them in the search bar, or scrolling down your homepage until you see a post and clicking on their name.
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over the button at the top of their profile that says “Friends” and has an arrow on it. This will reveal a drop down menu.
  4. Pick the “Unfriend” option on the menu to make a window pop up asking if you are sure you want to remove that person from your Friends list.
  5. facebook unfriending someoneSelect the “Remove from Friends” button to confirm that you do indeed want to unfriend that person.

How to Unfriend on Facebook on a Phone in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Launch whichever version of the Facebook app is on your phone.
  2. Tap the “Friends” option on the homepage.
  3. Scroll through the list of all your friends or search for your friend’s name to find the person you want to unfriend.
  4. Click on the name of the person you would like to unfriend to go to their profile.
  5. Click the arrow button in the upper right hand corner to bring up a list of options.
  6. Pick the “Unfriend” choice.
  7. Tap “Unfriend” again to confirm your decision.

Facebook will not notify the person you unfriend, but they will no longer be able to view your friends-only information. To learn more about how unfriending people works on Facebook, read more about unfriending and blocking people in the Facebook help center.

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