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The Top 3 Phone Antivirus Options

If you’ve noticed your phone acting a little slower than usual, or pop-ups cropping up as you try to do normal web browsing and game playing, you might wonder if your phone’s gotten a virus. Unfortunately, the chances are pretty high that you have. To best deal...

smart phone with a stethoscope on it

How to Clean a LifeProof Case

LifeProof designs state-of-the-art cases for speakers, phones, and cameras. These cases can keep your expensive Android phone or iPhone safe from nightmares like accidental drops and water damage. You may have used a LifeProof case for over a year and you might be...

protection from water


3 Top Wireless Routers Recommendations

Like everything wireless routers age with time. Some wireless routers can only allow a certain amount of bandwidth before they can offer no more. With the internet getting faster, and ISPs having higher bandwidth allowances, you are going to want to stay updated...

top wireless routers: black wireless router


How to Use iPhone Lost Mode to Find Missing IOS Device

The option of iPhone lost mode is one you hope you never have to use. In this day and age, losing a phone can be quite an ordeal. That being said, the very existence of this important function can slam the brakes on a possible disaster, reuniting you with your...

How to Use iPhone Lost Mode to Find Missing IOS Devic


How to Force Quit App on Mac

Force quit on Mac is done to close applications that are not responding, or unresponsive. Additionally, Force Quit on Mac OS X can also be implemented when problematic programs have stopped working properly, causing the computer to freeze. This article guide will...

How to Force Quit App on Mac

How to Make Copyright Symbol on iOS

Special characters, such as the copyright symbol, aren’t used very often. This might make them tricky to find that some would even think that an app is needed. In this guide, we will tell you how to make a copyright symbol on iOS. Bear in mind that the Apple...

copyright symbol on ios

Social Media

How to Setup a Gmail Auto Reply

Whether you’re a small business, a staff member at a large office, or just need to tell your friends and family that you won’t be able to reply to their emails this week, a Gmail auto-reply is one of the best ways to communicate your unavailability with people....

email inbox with auto response message



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How to Block Websites on Chrome

How to Block Websites on Chrome

If you've ever encountered a website you didn't want to visit again, it may a good idea to consider blocking that website. It's also a good idea to block websites if you have children since certain websites might not be appropriate for them. Whatever your reasons,...

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8 Best Virtual Reality Headset Choices

8 Best Virtual Reality Headset Choices

The future is here. Virtual reality is no longer a pipe dream or novelty aspect of dystopian sci-fi movies. Rapid progression in our technology means that VR is now something anyone can enjoy. In fact, it is so advanced, that we have choices of the type of virtual...

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