How to Download Video Clips Using A Flash Video Downloader

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Knowing how to use flash video downloaders will help you use these videos for whatever need you may have.

Sometimes you watch a funny video on YouTube, Vimeo, or college humor and you want to download it.

Maybe you eventually want to convert the video into a gif or chop a video clip for use in your video.

Choosing a Video Streaming Application

There are three ways you can download flash videos using flash video downloaders. The following options are ways you can download an online flash video:  

  • Chrome/Firefox Browser Extension
  • Online Video Converter Web Application
  • Video Converter Software

Chrome/Firefox Browser Extension

If you want to download flash videos directly from your web browser, you can use a Firefox, or Chrome extension like the Flash Video Downloader extension to download flash videos directly from a widget on your web browser to your computer.

To begin this process, you must first download either the extension for the Chrome browser here or the Firefox browser here.  

Simply click on the installation link, and it should install these extensions into your respective browser. If the browser prompts you to update your web browser, update your web browser, restart your computer, then proceed and install the extension.

The extension is recognizable as a blue download icon arrow in the top left of your web browser where your extensions are listed.

When you are on a website like Youtube or Vimeo, you can click on the blue download link to download most video content from the page you are currently looking at.

The benefit of using this software is that it will also bypass any ads that are on the video at the time of playing the video. The video link will appear in a dropdown list from a blue arrow.

You can download videos in some formats including, .mp4, .avi, HD, and Low FLV. You can also download flash video games using this method as well.

Online Video Converter Web Application

An alternative to using a web browser widget would be to use an online web application. This would be useful for individuals who use different online browsing software like internet explorer or opera. This solution is also useful for folks who don’t want to add an extra extension to their web browser.

For both PC and Mac, you can use a service called Online Video Converter. To use this online web application, click on the link provided. You can pull a video link from YouTube, Vimeo, any site where you can grab the flash video link.

Copy the video link from the navigation bar and then past the video link in the field where it says “Paste Link Here” on the Online Video Converter web page.

Next, click on the format field and change the format from the default listed mp3 format to any of the video formats that you desire.

Online Video Converter can convert your flash video to the following formats:

  • .mp4
  • .m4v
  • .mov
  • .avi
  • .flv
  • .mpg
  • .wmv

You can also change the video quality of the video you want to download by clicking on the “More Settings” button. You can choose between Automatic, HD 720p, and 360p. You can also specify when to start and end the video.

Once you click the “Start” button, your video will begin converting and then will be available for download after the conversion process.

You will be prompted to click on a link to download the video. Most of the times, this link opens up a new field that forces you to go through a series of popups.

To get around this, simply right click on the download link and press “Save Target As.” This will allow you to download directly from the link instead of being bothered by unnecessary ad loops.  

Video Converter Software

One of the final options you can use to download flash videos online is to use a program downloaded for the web.

We recommend you stay away from this option as some programs are filled with malware and viruses.

You have a higher chance of getting a virus from a web browser or online site than it is to get a virus to form a downloaded program.  

Downloading Flash Videos Is Easy with Flash Video Downloaders

Flash video downloaders make accessing and keeping flash videos much easier online.

There are three different methods you can use to download these flash videos including using a browser extension, an online web application, or downloading a program directly to download flash videos.

Once again, we do not recommend downloading flash video programs, especially on Windows devices because of the heightened risk you have for receiving viruses. If you are using the videos for personal art projects, or some other form of fair use, make sure you cite and credit the original video creator. You can find a list of fair use rules here.


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